Supporting us means you support animals in need!

CHIEF TREATS wants nothing more than to support animal shelters and the people who are working tirelessly to help animals live and find a better life.

At the core of our hearts is a mission, and that mission is to give all that we can to help support animals in need. We revamped the way we collect donations and now EVERY order will have a portion donated to the organization that you choose!

Theres no codes to remember or special links to follow! Its as simple as clicking once!

See below for an example.


Q: How is the donation calculated?

A: Donations are calculated based on the sale total, minus taxes, shipping and cost of goods sold. In order to make sure we can continue to donate, we must make sure that we can cover the costs to stay in business; therefore, we will calculate the donation at the rate specified, and taxes, shipping costs, and cost of goods sold will not be included as part of the calculation. Chief's Treats and Pet Supplies makes this donation thanks to your support, the donation is on US, and it is not a donation that is collected from the customer.

Q: How often will donations be made?

A: As of right now, we have set donations to be made once a month on the final day of the month.

Make a selection after checkout

After you've placed an order you'll be prompted to make a selection of which organization we should make the donation to!

Thats it! That is all you have to do! The donation is on us, so this doesn't increase your bill, or come out of your pocket!