Buy your dog or cat their favorite treats and let us make a donation

CHIEF TREATS wants nothing more than to support animal shelters and the people who are working tirelessly to help animals live and find a better life.

At the core of our hearts is a mission, and that mission is to give all that we can to help support animals in need. We believe in the work of the amazing staff and volunteers at the Friendship Animal Protective League of Lorain County and this is why we will donate 10% of sales made using the coupon code "donate10".

Chief Treats also wants to support the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, and the Lake Humane Society. Please use either "cuyahoga10" or "lake10" to ensure the 10% of your purchase is donated to the organization of your choosing.

Thank you!


Q: Why do I need to use a coupon code?

A: The use of a coupon code allows our payment processing system to automatically collect 10% of your order, excluding shipping fees and taxes. The use of this code streamlines the process for the customer and Chief Treats.

Q: How do I know the coupon code worked with my order?

A: There are 3 possible confirmations that your order had the "coupon" code properly applied. Two of which are visible during your order checkout. Please see the section "Double check" below for an example. The third confirmation is a popup window after completing your purchase. A message should appear confirming your order had the "coupon" correctly applied.

Q: I have a coupon from a promotion, why can't I use it and still donate 10%?

Unfortunately we cannot combine coupons and codes with "donate10", "cuyahoga10", or "lake10" at this time. Chief Treats is a small family-owned business. We have a dream to help animals around the world, and we are taking our first steps toward that dream. At this time we cannot combine other coupons or discounts with this donation.

Q: Does Chief Treats donate 10% of the total sale, or 10% of the profits from the sale?

A: The way our donation and payment processing system is set up allows for 10% of the total sale (excluding Cost of Goods sold, shipping fees, taxes, and other fees) to be automatically deducted.

Double check

Make sure you see these indicators on your order for the coupon code
"donate10", "cuyahoga10" or "lake10". The system may default to "donate10", but you can change this selection by entering in your appropriate discount code.

Donations collected are transferred through a digital payment service, Venmo. This service may also have fees for transferring money that will be deducted from the overall donation funds. Chief Treats does not take any portion of the donation funds.

Important details

*Due to limitations, “donate10” "cuyahoga10", and "lake10"
cannot be used with any other codes or coupons. The coupon code “donate10”, "cuyahoga10", or "lake10" must be used during checkout to allow 10% of the total sale (excluding shipping
charges, cost of goods sold, tax, and fees
) to be automatically deducted from your order.

To know if your order will automatically have the donation deducted, look for the coupon indicators on your order to confirm the coupon is selected. You will also be notified after your purchase with a pop-up window. See examples above.