Professional dog people, AFFILIATE PROGRAM!

Chief Treats is on the lookout for dog walkers, dog sitters, groomers, shelters, and vet tech/veterinarian, AND social media content creators, or people who are very passionate about animals! 

** Last updated 10/12/23** 



Chief Treats wants to work with you if you love dogs (or animals in general) and believe in feeding them quality treats, playing with quality toys, and showing your pup love in every way! We are a family-owned dog treat company located in Ohio about 30 minutes from Cleveland. Chief Treats specializes in jerky treats crafted to be of high value to your dogs. Hand-made in small batches, we keep the ingredients simple and that makes it delicious!

**If you're interested in our affiliate program please visit the link below and sign up. Your request will be reviewed within 24 to 48 business hours.**

Chief Treats is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and we currently offer a Chicken Jerky treat that is a blend of chicken breast, carrots, and chicken liver. We are in development of a Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themed treat. It is our goal to offer your pet a treat you can feel great about feeding, and your pet will love to eat!


Disclaimers and Rules 

Approval for the use of our affiliate program is at the sole discretion of Chief Treats LLC. Any and all affiliate partnerships may be terminated at any time. Chief Treats LLC may update these terms at any time. Affiliates may opt-out at any time. Please see below for more information. 

How to register:

1.) For businesses or individuals who wish to register for the affiliate program: Please complete the form at entirely. A FULL LEGAL NAME PLUS ALIAS (IF NECESSARY) IS REQUIRED. Any application submitted that does not have this information and/or cannot be verified will be automatically denied. Once your registration has been received by Chief Treats LLC we will review it within 24-48 business hours (exclude weekends and holidays). Chief Treats may reach out to you via E-mail to ask for more details.    


Depending on the type of business affiliate you are, there are specific requirements that we ask of you to participate in our affiliate/partnership program. Please see below for our classifications and explanation of requirements. All affiliates will have a Google Drive file shared with them containing marketing materials such as images and information to be used only by the affiliate for reasons associated with this program. Affiliates are permitted to share product photos and their specific referral link and code within their business to their customers/followers. Affiliates may use the Chief Treat logo, but should not alter the logo that changes the integrity of the logo or modifies the logo to misrepresent Chief Treats. 

Social Media Content Creators: Must make a post about Chief Treats that is shared with all of your followers on a specific platform. After this initial post, follow up posts are requested to be made at least once a month. The more you share, the more you potentially earn. Social Media Content Creators are recognized as someone (or multiple people operating under a brand) that creates content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. If you or your brand create content across multiple platforms there will only be one specific discount code/link assigned to you. 

Individuals (not operating as a business or content creator): Must make a post about Chief Treats that is shared on your social media or any other platform. Follow up posts should be made regularly, at minimum once a month. 

Businesses (e-commerce or a physical location): Must post a flyer or other types of advertising material at your location or website. Chief Treats will provide a single printed flyer to your business after sign-up, in addition you will be given access to a Google Drive file with additional materials. Additional flyers may be requested. Requesting a large number of flyers may require a small fee to ONLY cover materials. 

Earn using referral link or discount codes for your customers, followers, friends, family, etc:

The use of your discount code allows your new AND return referrals the discount as established in the affiliate portal, and the affiliate to earn the commission.

1.) To earn commissions on sales using referral link: For affiliates of Chief Treats LLC, earning a commission on sales is easy. Promote our brand of product(s) and our business to your customers, followers, friends, and/or family and earn the agreed upon commission on every sale generated using your specific referral link. 

2.) Approved affiliates discount codes: Approved affiliates will have an automatic discount code generated to be shared with any of their customers, followers, friends, family, etc. The use of this discount code allows the customer to receive a discount on their orders.

**Sales that ARE NOT completed using your referral link, or discount code WILL NOT earn you a commission for the sale. Sales that ARE NOT completed with your discount code WILL NOT grant the customer a discount on their purchases. Your sales commissions can be tracked using the affiliate portal after sign up.** Commissions will not be earned for ANY E-Collar Technologies, or Chuckit! products sold at this time.

 How commissions are calculated:

Businesses Affiliates earn commission after cost of goods sold, on sales of Chief Treats Branded Products and other select branded products. E-collar Technologies products are excluded from this program. Taxes and shipping do not count toward total sale for commission calculation.



How payments are made to you:

1.) Payments: Payments will be made to affiliates via Venmo. There is a minimum $5.00 payout amount. The affiliate is responsible for all fees associated with the payment service.

2.) Hold time: Commission that have been cleared may be held for up to 7 business days before payments are made. This ensures orders are fully processed and accounts for any possible cancelled orders and refunds issued. It is important to note that orders may be cancelled after this hold time and this may affect the earned commission.  


Affiliates are responsible for paying the required self-employment and income taxes as a result of their earned commissions. 


How we validate affiliates: Chief Treats validates affiliate partners by reviewing any, and possibly all, online and physical presence surrounding the affiliate. This includes all social media profiles/pages, comments, photos/videos and other media, and physical location including condition of the location and animals kept at that location, as well as overall positive presence across all areas online or in person. We are a company that believes in the health and well-being of our animal friends, so anyone that doesn't line up with these values may not be approved and/or terminated.  


Upon inception and/or termination of this agreement, all parties involved will be notified via email or notification from the affiliate portal. Chief Treats LLC reserves all rights to begin affiliate agreements and also terminate them for any reason.

Information we must collect

By registering for the affiliate program you are agreeing to share specific information about yourself. Without this information we cannot complete the sign up process. All orders will be processed through our website including sales generated from your affiliate links/discount codes. This allows us to easily track sales and ensure all payments are made properly. 

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone Number

4. E-mail Address

5. Venmo (for payments made to you)

Please see our privacy policy page for full details about how your personal information is collected, used, and disclosed. 


Please allow Chief Treats LLC at least 1-2 business days to process your requests. Also please keep an eye out for emails as we may reach out requesting more information. 

This offer is not valid for wholesale orders.

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