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Christmas Collar by Chief Treats T&T

Christmas Collar by Chief Treats T&T

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Get in the holiday spirit, but don't forget your pup in the celebration too! Durable and stylish, you know, just like we do everything around here! 

*Notice: Our collars are handmade and each piece has it's own unique characteristics. We stand by our products and want you to expect the highest quality with handmade imperfections. Because each collar is handmade, there may be difference between each collar and from the product photos themselves.*

Product Information

Designed for comfort and to be long-lasting. Biothane is a durable, waterproof, UV resistant material that doesn't absorb odors.

***DISCLAIMER: Flat collars are not designed, nor are they recommended for dogs that pull when tethered by the collar. This can cause damage to the dog's airway. Chief's Treats and Pet Supplies DOES NOT recommend any of our collars for dogs that have not been trained to walk on a leash without pulling.

Sizing Guide

Dog Collar Sizing Chart by Weight

The best way to size a dog collar is by measuring the circumference of your pets neck using a cloth measuring tape, in inches and where the dog collar would normally sit.

The dog collar fit should allow for 2 fingers to be placed between the collar and the dog's neck.

ESTIMATED sizing chart

Extra-Small: Dogs up to 10 pounds, 12" or less
Small: Dogs from 11-25 pounds, 11" - 15"
Medium: Dogs from 26-55 pounds, 13" - 18"
Large: Dogs from 56-80 pounds, 16"-24"

Care Guide

Clean by hand with warm water and a cloth. For tough dirt use a mild hand-soap. Collars are not machine washable.


This product is fulfilled by Chief Treats and Pet Supplies at The Taps & Tails Market ONLY

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