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Naked Beasts

Pig Snout by Naked Beasts, Inc T&T

Pig Snout by Naked Beasts, Inc T&T

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Pig Snout chews by Naked Beasts are single ingredient treats, that means nothing else added and you're getting exactly what you expect. Pig Snout are a delicious chewy treat for small to large breed dogs!

Sold individually.


Always supervise your pet when feeding any bones and remove any pieces that may pose a risk of injury or choking hazard.


100% Pig Snout

Feeding Instructions

Treats: Intended as a treat to be given as a reward.

Bones/Animal Parts: Intended as a treat given under supervision. Remove any pieces that may pose a risk of injury/harm.

Meal Toppers: Recommended to sprinkle over your pet's food. Intended as a meal enhancer, topper, or treat.

These products are not intended to supplement or replace the need for a healthy and balanced diet. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water to your pet.

Bite Meter

Hard bite: Requires harder chewing. Recommended for healthy teeth and jaws. Treat in most cases may be difficult or unlikely to break with your hands.

Care Guide

Store in original container.Store in a cool and dry area. Protect from falls, smashing/breaking. Store in an airtight container.


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