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Naked Beasts

Wild Caught "Baby" Octopus by Naked Beasts, Inc T&T

Wild Caught "Baby" Octopus by Naked Beasts, Inc T&T

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"Baby" Octopus by Naked Beasts are single ingredient treats, that means nothing else added and you're getting exactly what you expect. "Baby" Octopus are actually a fully grown adult species of Octopus that live in the Atlantic waters and not actual babies.

100% Organic with Zero Pesticides, Hormones, Food Coloring, Preservatives or Added Flavoring, this highly uncommon protein presents a very low allergy risk. 

Octopus meat is a bountiful source of healthy fats, Omega 3, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin B12 and essential amino acids. 

Sold individually.


It is important to note that Octopus is one of the few proteins that should never be fed raw. 🚫⁣

In order to safely feed and treat your pet it must be prepared with enough heat to destroy it's potential harmful pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria and to decrease its levels of heavy metals⁣.

⁣Our dehydration process takes care of this step so you can treat freely and confidently!

Canned Octopus is also highly discouraged due to the overly high heating involved with the canning process destroying much of the beneficial features that make Octopus so desirable⁣

Dried Octopus intended for human consumption is also not advised due to their excessive amounts of added salts, flavorings, spices and artificial preservatives.


100% Dehydrated Octopus

Feeding Instructions

Large Dogs - Maximum 6 pieces per day
Small Dogs & Cats - Under 3 pieces per day

Treats: Intended as a treat to be given as a reward.

Bones/Animal Parts: Intended as a treat given under supervision. Remove any pieces that may pose a risk of injury/harm.

Meal Toppers: Recommended to sprinkle over your pet's food. Intended as a meal enhancer, topper, or treat.

These products are not intended to supplement or replace the need for a healthy and balanced diet. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water to your pet.

Bite Meter

Regular bite: Requires some chewing. Recommended for healthy teeth and jaws. Treat in most cases can be broken with your hands.

Care Guide

Store in original container.Store in a cool and dry area. Protect from falls, smashing/breaking. Store in an airtight container.


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