Give your pet the best with our durable and stylish Biothane dog and cat collars. Designed for comfort and to be long-lasting. Biothane is a durable, waterproof, UV resistant material that doesn't absorb odors.

We are currently launching this product line, so products, colors, sizes, etc. are in limited supply. We will soon offer a wide range of colors, sizes, different hardware options, and custom collar services. Sign up for our email list to be the first to know!

Colección: Chief's Collars

Our collars are made from high-quality Biothane material. We currently stock 3/4" width Biothane in many different colors, some in different thicknesses. As we continue to develop this product line this web page will be updated to include more specific details and customizable options. 

We will soon offer customizable options such as 2 or 3 color combinations, and hardware options such as Nickel, Brass, or Black Die Cast; however, as of right now we are not taking on customized orders. 

*Notice: Our collars are handmade and each piece has it's own unique characteristics. We stand by our products and want you to expect the highest quality with handmade imperfections. Because each collar is handmade, there may be difference between each collar and from the product photos themselves.*

Customized collars will be made to order, so expect longer fulfillment times of possibly an extra 1 - 2 business days on-top of our regular fulfillment schedule. 

***DISCLAIMER: Flat collars are not designed, nor are they recommended for dogs that pull when tethered by the collar. This can cause damage to the dog's airway. Chief's Treats and Pet Supplies DOES NOT recommend any of our collars for dogs that have not been trained to walk on a leash without pulling.***