Collection: SodaPup Feeding Enrichment

Our take on SodaPup: You can't beat the diverse selection of enrichment feeders for your dog. There are tons of fun and challenging designs for your dog and the enrichment feeders are even fun for the creative owners who've always wanted to practice their Chef plating skills. 


SodaPup has developed a range of enrichment products including enrichment mats (eMats), enrichment coins (eCoins), enrichment trays (eTrays) and enrichment bowls (eBowls). All of these products have benefits associated with slowing down eating and making your dog work for their food. Benefits include keeping your dog entertained, avoiding over-feeding, calming your dog through licking, promoting fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums, and helping digestive health. SodaPup enrichment products set a new standard in the category with heavier, more durable designs and patterns that offer a greater challenge for your dog, keeping them busier for longer.