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Cat Breath

Cat Breath

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This unique mixture is ideal for addressing your cat's dental needs, with a blend of ingredients like gelatin, dried seaweed, guar gum, egg, pea, dry lecithin, parsley, and citric acid. Plus, it's easy to use and effective in improving your furry friend's oral hygiene.

Tackles more than just tartar! 


Gelatin, dried seaweed, guar gum, egg, pea, dry lecithin, parsley, citric acid

Directions for Use

Pour Over Food
Sprinkle one scoop over evening meal and serve.

Mix to Form a Toothpaste
1 scoop Cat or Dog Breath to 3 parts room-temperature water

Water Additive
1 scoop Cat Breath with a dash of Kibble Seasoning’s Bone Broth for a pop of flavor

Make a Treat
Mix with ground turkey and stuff it into a Kong, whisk with fish stock, or patty it into a tripe treat for a late-night snack.


For more specific information about this product please reach out to Herbsmith at
Always consult your Veterinarian before giving your pet(s) any supplements.

Care Guide

Store in original container.


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