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Sit! Stay!

Train your dog with the aid of an E-collar. Chief Treats is an authorized dealer of E-collar Technologies products and proudly so! We've used many different types of electronic collars and we personally love E-Collar Technologies the most!

"Blunt Stimulation" is not like other electronic collars on the market.

Proper use of an e-collar is very important. The stimulation from an E-collar Technologies product is similar to a medical device called a Muscle Stimulator used by Doctors to re-educate muscles, relieve muscle spasms, increase range of motion, prevent muscle atrophy, and treat conditions resulting from stroke.

Blunt Stimulation is the term used for wide pulse stimulation providing a muscle reflex response not a jerking response found in narrow pulse stimulation systems. For the most humane solution to off leash control without discomfort to your dog trust Educator E-Collar