Chief's Treats and Pet Supplies!

Chief's Treats and Pet Supplies!

Hey everyone, its William the owner of Chief Treats. I'm very excited to announce a change to Chief Treats. As of today, 9/19/23, we have changed our name to more accurately describe what this business has grown into. In the past year the business has expanded beyond selling treats and now includes enrichment feeders, toys, and some other items on occasion. As time passes and we continue to grow we will slowly be adding more high-quality products to our store. Our mission is always the same and we are using this opportunity, along with your support, to keep pushing toward our dreams and goals! 

In the next year we hope to provide a space for all pet lovers to find quality treats, toys, enrichment, and many other types of supplies for their pets. 

As always, I cannot thank you enough! 

To the future...

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