To the future - 2023 and beyond

To the future - 2023 and beyond

The first year of owning a business has been an incredible learning experience. I've been through every emotion and questioned every decision numerous times. There is nothing I want more than to get this right, so that the business may keep growing, and I may be able to continue to help support animals in need. 

I want to be clear about the direction I hope to take Chief Treats. Each customer and business partner is an important piece to our mission. Without any of you, Chief Treats will stumble and fall on the way to reaching our dreams. In the year 2023 and beyond, I hope to grow into a well known and recognized brand within the state of Ohio. I want to make a consistent effort to donate our high quality handmade treats and send monetary support to animal shelters throughout Ohio. 

So much of this has been trial and error, mixed with countless hours of research and studying to understand how I can change and fix problems, develop new recipes, how to build a website, take better photos, etc. How to understand what works and what doesn't.

Through trial and error I've realized one major flaw, and that unfortunately means I need to do something I wanted to avoid. Upon the completion of our donation event to the Elyria Friendship Animal Protective League I realized there wasn't much left over after covering costs of supplies, ingredients, and other costs of running the business to make much of a monetary donation. While we are still able to make our donation, and any amount is helpful, it is far from what our goal is. Because of this, and keeping our end goal in mind, I've had to make the hard decision to increase the prices of our Chief Treats product line.

Since day one, I've only wanted to offer the highest quality, delicious, yet simple treats to your dogs. I'm proud of what I've come up with and that I can say that I've achieved that goal. However, I can't grow the business and improve in the areas that need it most without this change. I want to add more flavors to the product line, do more research, bring in more high quality products, increase development, improve even more product and packaging quality, and so on. Doing this, and doing it from the heart, will ensure that we reach our goal and complete our mission of offering a simple, yet delicious treat to every pup out there. 

I hope I can continue to win your support and understanding. Thank you, and here's to a new year and following our dreams. 

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