Package size guide

2 oz. for 1 - 2 small dogs

4 oz. for multiple small dogs, or a medium sized dog

6 oz. for MANY small dogs, or 2 medium sized dogs

8 oz. for a whole pack of small dogs, multiple medium dogs, or a few big pups!

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Quality ingredients - every time, every order.

I began making jerky treats because Chief's health and happiness are important to me. I wanted to give him something that he would love, that I could trust, and not be harmful to him.

Every. Single. Treat. we make is carefully crafted using quality ingredients. What you see here is an example of exactly what went into our Turkey Dinner Jerky treats. I will always choose the freshest meat and produce and never add anything unnecessary.

Purchase Turkey Dinner Jerky!

Made in small batches

Production of our treats is done in small batches to make sure we can add in plenty of love into every bite. It's important for us to get this right. We want your pup to be as happy as can be, so we believe in quality over quanitity.


Care and Storage

Care for Chief's Treats by keeping the treats free from moisture, open air, and heat. Discard the product with any signs of spoilage. 

Storage of your treats is especially important because there are no preservatives to increase shelf life. 

Recommended storage: 

Store Chief Treats in its sealed bag, unopened, under the following conditions to maintain product quality:

Room Temperature: 1 - 2 weeks

Refrigerated: 1 - 2 months

Frozen: 2 to 6 months

Once opened store any of our Jerky in an airtight container under the following conditions:

Room temperature: 1 week

Refrigerated: 1 - 4 weeks


Stability of the product varies greatly depending on storage conditions.

Feeding Guide

Chief Treats are intended as a treat not a meal replacement. Always offer plenty of fresh water with any treat.

Other than that you can feed the treats how you like as long as it suits your dog. We recommend taking a piece of jerky and ripping it into smaller pieces for most dogs.

How did you come up with the idea for the ingredients?

I could've easily just started dehydrating different meats, or baking dog treats for Chief. Who knows, maybe I will someday and offer those items on the website, but I knew I wanted something more appealing. Growing up I had a miniture beagle named Beau. He was my first dog and I loved him to death. Back then I knew nothing about proper nutrition for dogs, and I would feed him anything that I was eating. We ALWAYS shared food. Thinking about some of the great memories from my childhood I figured that I could make something more exciting by turning my own meals into a safe treat for our pups. All of Chief Treats Jerkys will have some sort of theme.

Are your treats handmade?

Yes, all of Chief Treats are handmade, packaged, and labeled by me.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of your product?

This is a great question, and a very important one. To ensure the quality and safety of Chief Treats I ALWAYS purchase ingredients that are meant for human consumption. I source or ingredients and pick out each of the ingredients myself for every batch. Ontop of this, I have nearly 10 years experience working in a resturant where I learned how to properly handle, store, and prepare food. In additon to that, I also work in a hospital where I practice working in a ultraclean environment and understand how easily things can become contaminated and nasty things can spread. Cleanliness and safety are my top concern, so before and after making any batches of treats our facility is cleaned. Although our treats are made from quality ingredients you could find at your local grocery store, please understand that our treats are NOT meant for human consumption.

Does the dehydration process differ from jerky meant for humans than it does for animals?

Yes and no. Generally, making jerky for human consumption should be done first with meats that have been brought up to a temperature of at least 160 fahreheit for beef and 165 for poultry. Relating back to the prevoius question, because dogs are better adapted to eating RAW meats, this isn't necessary when making jerky for dogs. However, we do dehydrate our treats at 165 fahreheit for 12+ hours. Also, jerky for humans is typically marinated in various spices and has added preservatives, some of these preservatives eliminate the worry for bacterial growth (at least for a period of time), our treats do not contain any preservatives. Please keep in mind that storage recommendations may change drastically based on many different factors. For the best quality, all treats should be finished within 1 week after opening and all of our treats should be stored in an airtight container at least under refrigeration. If there is ever a question about the product's quality when you first receive it please contact us immediately at and do not feed any to your pet. Please refer to our Refunds and Store Credits page for our replacement or refund policy. 

Why do you sell other brands of treats and not just Chief Treats?

I am glad this question has been asked a few times. Chief Treats wants to develop and produce it's own line of dog and cat treats; however, we understand that each of our pets has different tastes. As we work to develop more varieties, we want to offer different options for you to make sure you get exactly what your dog or cat will love!