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Chief's Favorite Handmade Chicken Jerky for Dogs and Cats

Chief's Favorite Handmade Chicken Jerky for Dogs and Cats

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Handcrafted in the USA in small batches! Limited ingredients and no preservatives. 

This is as close to making your own homemade dog treats that you can get - without actually doing it yourself!

Dog jerky treats made with natural human-grade chicken breast, carrots, and chicken liver - nothing more! Limited-ingredient treats ensure a safe, quality treat without the unnecessary fillers, preservatives, and unknown ingredients. Show your fur babies you care by providing a well-balanced, delicious treat that they can enjoy.

Chief's Favorite Chicken Jerky for Dogs is a great handcrafted, healthy dog treat. Our jerky dog treats are grain free, preservative free, and use all natural ingredients. This jerky can easily be broken into smaller pieces making it the perfect puppy training treat or reward for any dog!

Cats love them too! 


Chicken Breast, Carrots, Chicken Liver

Feeding Instructions

Treats: Intended as a treat to be given as a reward.

Bones/Animal Parts: Intended as a treat given under supervision. Remove any pieces that may pose a risk of injury/harm.

Meal Toppers: Recommended to sprinkle over your pet's food. Intended as a meal enhancer, topper, or treat.

These products are not intended to supplement or replace the need for a healthy and balanced diet. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water to your pet.

Bite Meter

Regular bite: Requires some chewing. Recommended for healthy teeth and jaws. Treat in most cases can be broken with your hands.

Care Guide

Care for Chief's Treats by keeping the treats free from moisture, open air, and heat. Discard the product with any signs of spoilage. 

Storage of your treats is especially important because there are no preservatives to increase shelf life. Sure, the fact that Chief Treats are dehydrated does help the jerky treats last longer on the shelf, but here are a few tips to help them last even longer (provided your pet doesn't get to them before you do). 

Recommended storage: 

Store Chief Treats in its sealed bag, unopened, under the following conditions to maintain product quality:

Room Temperature: 1 - 2 weeks

Refrigerated: 1 - 2 months

Frozen: 2 to 6 months

Once opened store any of our Jerky in an airtight container under the following conditions:

Room temperature: 1 week

Refrigerated: 1 - 4 weeks



Stability of the product varies greatly depending on storage conditions. Even storing the product under the proper conditions will not guarantee shelf life.  


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